Front Row: James Griewe, Nancy Noleen, Sandy Sillars, DeSay Judd, Linda Green, Carol Greenlund.  Second Row: Shannon Scott, Sue Martin, Heather Tarantino, Margie Morin, Marie Enlow.  Bob Hazelrigg in back.

Front Row: Jim Griewe, Nancy Noleen, Sandy Sillars, DeSay Judd, Linda Green, Caol Greenlund.  Second Row: Shannon Scott, Sue Martin, Heather Tarantino, Margie Morin, Marie Enlow.  Back Row Accompanist Bob Hazelrigg.  Photo by  Craig Scheiner


James Griewe - Artistic Director

Shannon HS

Shannon Scott -  Soprano

Shannon is a founding member and Production Coordinator of MusicWorks!Sonoma. A seasoned vocalist of the Sonoma Valley, she  studied with Ann Saunders and Karen Connor. Shannon was a not only a singing member of the Sonoma Valley Chorale for 30 years, but also worked behind the scenes as Logistics Chair for 10 of those years. Shannon was also the Assistant Director of the Sonoma Valley Children’s Chorale under the direction of Linda Rawls for two years. The mother of three stunning daughters, she  works as an Operations Administrator for a local motive power company in Petaluma.

Nancy HS

Nancy Noleen -  Soprano

Nancy grew up in a musical family, and from early childhood sang in choirs and performed with her guitarist brothers as a folk-rock trio. She has extensive theatre experience as a director, producer, and performer, with roles including Nellie in “South Pacific.” Her proudest role is that of mother to her musically gifted sons Ian and Matt McDavid. Singing in MusicWorks!Sonoma with such stellar singers and under the guidance of Maestro James Griewe is an honor.

Sandy HS

Sandy Sillars - Soprano II

Sandy’s singing adventures started in junior high school in the musical, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  Sandy was part of a 26 member acapella group in high school, traveling to perform at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  She continued singing in college, and for the past 33 years in Sonoma Valley with the Sonoma Valley Chorale, Sonoma Song, and most recently Music Works. Sandy and her husband, Jim Sillars, have two lovely daughters.  Sandy retired from Kaiser Permanente as a labor and delivery nurse and enjoys quilting and playing the piano.


Sue Martin - Soprano II

Sue comes from a theater background, especially loving musical comedies. She has been a choral singer for many years, but has never had nearly as much fun as she is having with MusicWorks!Sonoma. Sue is a founding Board member of the of Sonoma Arts Live Theater Company, and has appeared in, produced and directed numerous productions over the last ten years.  Sue and Tom have four incredible children and five brilliant grandchildren.  In her spare time she is a Realtor with Sonoma Valley Real Estate Company.

Heather HS

Heather Tarantino - Alto

Heather is a homeschooling mama of three busy children in kindergarten through high school.  Her days are filled with laundry, books, and science experiments.  When she has the time to do something for herself she enjoys reading, crafting, and....singing!  Heather began singing in various church and community choirs as a child.  She joined MusicWorks! in 2017 with the support of her wonderful husband, Tony.

Margie HS

Margie Morin - Alto II

Margie joined the Sonoma Valley Chorale at the invitation of fellow Alto, Becky Hall, in 2000 and she was hooked! Little did she know that Jim Griewe would invite her to also join the Chorale’s Chamber Ensemble. She was also a charter member of the now-retired group, Sonoma Song, and is a key founding member of MusicWorks!Sonoma.

LindaHS 2

Linda Green - Alto II

Marie HS

Marie Enlow - Alto II

Please check out when our next performance is.  We perform for your non-profit charitable events.  You provide the venue arrange for publicity, print posters and manage ticket sales.   Our "pay" is the joy of singing together and giving back to our community.


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